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Taking EA’s contemporary inclination of reviving the old IPs in a free to play medium, the latest offering of Simcity Buildit didn’t attract many eyeballs. The reasons came in the backdrop of an announcement that the game would return to none other than iOS platform with another free to play mode. However, the game makes a lasting impression with captivating visuals and an excellent system of monetization. It’s true that the game doesn’t throw up the same magic or marvel as the original franchise series, but it does manage to create intermittent surprises in the middle and end.

Apart from channelizing your skills in strategic zoning, decision making, placement of residences and public buildings and coin sinks and exploring the inventory, there are other things that catch the hook. The random nature of obtaining special items for land expansion and inventory can be a bit frustrating at times. However, you can always buy them from other players. Some users claims that they have found various simcity buildit hack for the game over the internet like methods for generating simoleons and simcash and something like that, You can do this if you are mistreated by the RNG. Many players have complained about the game’s decision to confine some of the better or cooler buildings to the gamut of premium currency purchases. The amounts at which you need to buy them, well, you can never earn that in the game. That’s an eyesore.

Needless to say, SimCity Build its biggest and strongest facet and weapon is its graphics. Concisely, the visuals in the game are to be fallen in love with. Players have complete rotational command of their town and its structures are magnificently detailed. They simply look great and full. Your city teems with life and if you zoom in a little, you can see the cars on the streets, noises and crackles, spot lights, pavement lights and even traffic snarls when that chokes your city. The fact is that this game’s freemium aspect thrives on the first-timer modality. Although plenty of visuals are no doubt superficial in nature, they still constitute a pleasant sight. For impatient gamers, they mean a lot and can keep you engaged till the end. They’ll impede you from just setting timers or quitting the concerned app.

There are many folks who might not be pleased with the game purely because it doesn’t fall in the classic ambit of SimCity title. You need to put a big caution against taking a judgmental and hard stance, and rather play SimCity Buildit for what it is. It’s undeniably a freemium title, but it’s relatively fair game in the mold. You’ll find this truth in the free-to-play barriers. Also, the game is visually appealing that pays significant homage to the original series in a variety of ways.

Most importantly, despite not being a traditional title in the SimCity mold, the game still gives you the feel of it, and to a great extent. It’s free-to-play game play hardly affects this space, which is definitely worth your time and energy. If you are in the mood for making a freemium title, this is surely it.